Engineering Drawings

R064-200 Existing Site Layout Topographical Survey

R064-201 Proposed Drainage Layout Ground Layout

R064-202 Proposed Drainage Layout Basement -03 Level

R064-203 Proposed Watermain Layout

R064-204 Manhole Details

R064-205 Proposed Drainage Details Sheet 1 Of 2

R064-206 Proposed Drainage Details Sheet 2 Of 2

R064-207 Proposed Watermain Details

R064-208 Proposed Road Layout

R064-209 Vehicular Access

R064-210 Autotrack Ground Level Fire Tender

R064-211 Autotrack Proposed Lower Ground -01

R064-213 Autotrack Proposed Basement -03

R064-214 Ground Level Full Layout

R064-215 Lower Ground Level Full Layout

R064-216 Basement -2 Full Layout

R064-217 Basement -3 Full Layout

R064-218 Quality Audit

R064-219 Pile Seting Out Plan

R064-613 Section A-A

R064-615 Typical Secant Pile Wall Detail

R064-Document Transmittal (SHD APP)

Residential Planning Document Issue Register

Site Lighting Layout

Site Services Layout