Planning Documentation

210128_Waterfront SHD Application Form and Appendices (website)

City Block Rollout Agreement - WSC SHD

Cover Letter to ABP

Cover Letter to DCC

DCC Validation Letter 22

Letter from Eamon Galligan SC dated 24 November 2020

Letter to An Bord Pleanala from ALG, dated 8 January 2021

Material Contravention Statement - WSC SHD

Newspaper Notice

Original Newspaper Notice

Part V - Costings

Part V Cover Letter from RGRE to DCC

Part V Schedule and Floor Plans

Response to ABP Opinion_WSC_SHD

Site Notice


Statement of Consistency - Waterfront South Central SHD

Title Summary - Development Site at City Block 9

Waterfront SHD - Childcare Audit - January 2021

Waterfront SHD - Social Infrastructure Audit - January 2021

Waterfront South Central - Commercial Scheme - Appendices